Never underestimate the underdog, they may just turn out to be a dark horse.
We knew when we started the brand we were up against it, we love a challenge and the name dark horse was just the perfect fit.
We were unknown after all but knew we had something special to offer.
There’s a lot of cartridge brands out there and we aim to be right up there among the best of them!! guess you’ve tried all the major brands, guess you’ve paid their major prices. our ethos is simple, provide the same quality at a fraction of the price. you’ll find the Dark Horse family approachable and rest assured we will do our very best to provide great customer service and help all calibre of artists from apprentices to those at the top of their game.
We tested and worked intensely with industry leaders and artists alike and we are proud to present a high-quality cartridge at a very affordable price. 


DarkHhorse cartridges are made from the finest quality medical grade steel and are manufactured to an extremely high standard. EO sterilised and rigorously tested these cartridges offer amazing consistency and unbelievable ease of use.