premium tattoo CARTRIDGES

Never underestimate the underdog, they may just turn out to be a dark horse.
We knew when we started the brand we were up against it, we love a challenge and the name dark horse was just the perfect fit.
We were unknown after all but knew we had something special to offer.
There’s a lot of cartridge brands out there and we aim to be right up there among the best of them!! guess you’ve tried all the major brands, guess you’ve paid their major prices. our ethos is simple, provide the same quality at a fraction of the price. you’ll find the Dark Horse family approachable and rest assured we will do our very best to provide great customer service and help all calibre of artists from apprentices to those at the top of their game.
We tested and worked intensely with industry leaders and artists alike and we are proud to present a high-quality cartridge at a very affordable price.



Dark horse cartridges are made from the finest quality medical grade steel and are manufactured to an extremely high standard. EO sterilised and rigorously tested these cartridges offer amazing consistency and unbelievable ease of use.


With prices as little as £16 per box of 20 cartridges

Endorsed by artists

Returning customers time after time

Fits most rotary pens

Limitless and reliable usage.

Precision made

Quality is always guaranteed

High grade quality steel

Only the most durable and reliable materials used

Quality Membrane to stop splash back.

No more second-guessing your art with clarity from the start

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Andre Fila

Pro Sponsered artist

I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid and took up the idea of tattooing when I hit high school age. I was part of the skateboard culture and tattoos were very underground in Brazil where I grew up, I sold my motorbike to buy my first tattoo machine and started tattooing my friends.
I love to do portraits and my other favourite style is black-grey, but I really like to play with colours.
The Tattoo industry has changed a lot with so many more products on the market these days- which is super cool. I’m loving life in the UK and enjoy working in my new shop with my friends. I also travel a lot and do guest spots, I love meeting new people and new experiences. I guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until I die.. you could say tattooing and painting are in my blood!!


Tropical jay AKA Jamaine

PRO Sponsered artist

STYLE – Watercolour Realism Artist.

From a young age I developed a passion for the Fine Arts, also indulging in Photography, Fashion and Textiles. I have built transferable skills, knowledge and intrigue that remains relevant to my current creative practices. My artistic personality is influenced by the energy I feel from each custom explored subject matter, this is fuelled from my fixation on spirituality. I indulge in the process of layering rich tonal variations, encouraging depth and texture, whilst also allowing my art to breathe within the tranquility of soft blends, in a visually aesthetic arrangement.


Paul Stansby

Pro Sponsered artist

So I’m Paul Stansby, a tattoo artist from the UK. I kinda got into tattooing by accident and what an amazing accident it was!! It’s changed my life without a doubt!! My younger years were pretty colourful, had I continued along the road I was walking I’d either be dead or in prison by now, so I can say with certainty that tattooing saved me in more ways than one. Tattooing quickly became an addiction, an obsession even. I’ve been constantly pushing the limits from the second I picked up a machine. As cheesy as it sounds I knew from the off that I’d finally found my true calling in life.


Josh hancox

PRO Sponsered artist

So where do I start, I started tattooing in 2009. At the time I was getting tattoo’s done myself and thought this is something I could see myself doing as I always had a passion for art as a child, later on, that year I decided to take the leap and brought myself a very basic kit and started practising tattoo on my dad’s workmates and redoing their old ones, after about 2-3 year I had a think and thought maybe I could do this as I was what you could say a late bloomer, I decided to take 6 months off and work away, after that I came back started tattoo for one last time and didn’t look back.