Paul Stansby - Pro Team Artist

I’m Paul Stansby,  a tattoo artist from the  uk. I kinda got into tattooing by accident and what an amazing accident it was!! it’s changed my life with out a doubt!! my younger years where pretty colourful, had I continued along the road I was walking I’d either be dead or in prison by now so I can say with certainty that tattooing saved me in more ways than one. Tattooing quickly became an addiction, an obsession even.. I’ve been constantly pushing the limits from the second I picked up a machine. As cheesy as it sounds I new from the off that I’d finally found my true calling in life.  so I ran as fast as I could with it, hungry to etch my name in this industry. 

I started doing conventions in 2013 and won my very first show. I remember the buzz like it was yesterday but the real buzz was standing on stage in front of my idols collecting an award for the work I did. It was electric and empowering to the point I became addicted to shows and knew I’d be attending many more..

I will always give my all to help push this industry to the limits and i’ve done many shows throughout my career winning a total of 27 awards In pretty much every category. Sadly I no longer compete but I’m happy to pass the book, it’s time to let all the young blood with that same hunger lead the way!!! so good luck to you all… it’s hard to pin point my style as I try my hardest at everything and I love to constantly push my self with every piece I do. I guess I am most known for mixing black and grey with colour, it’s cool to get that depth into the tattoo.

where do I see my self in the future (bio suggestion) hmmmm I guess I see my self helping others reach the top, opening doors to great artist who will help make this industry the best it can be. It’s not about what you can take out of life, for me it’s about what you can give back and the greatest freedom in life is happiness!!! Tattoo with passion and love and it will be seen in your work across the world