Tropikal Coconut- Jamaine Palin - Pro Team Artist

My name is Jamaine, I am a Watercolour Realism Artist.

From a young age I developed a passion for the Fine Arts, also indulging in Photography, Fashion and Textiles. I have built transferable skills, knowledge and intrigue that remains relevant to my current creative practices. My artistic personality is influenced by the energy I feel from each custom explored subject matter, this is fuelled from my fixation on spirituality. I indulge in the process of layering rich tonal variations, encouraging depth and texture, whilst also allowing my art to breathe within the tranquility of soft blends, in a visually aesthetic arrangement.

I am inspired by an array of stimulants such as colours, textures and emotions. My colour palette is independent to each individual concept I focus on and the energy I wish the art to exude. The root of my fascination as an artist stems from a passion for surrealism and pushing the boundaries of expressive, mixed media art on skin. I enjoy my tattoo work to appear as if it is painted onto a client canvas, weaving in and out of abstraction and realism, through playful expressions of colour manipulation. I enjoy the juxtaposition of styles from realism to watercolour abstraction, I am mesmerised by the visual journey I am taken on through revealing and concealing a subject matter. My passion for watercolour realism stems from my curiosity with manipulating and blurring the visual limitations of various mediums, fabrics and photographs. I feel my style has developed a signature that is enticing as realistic elements emerge from the depths of playful splashes of colour.

When painting I am fascinated by the lack of power over water and ink, excited by the fluidity and elegance it forces upon the realism elements of any project. The flow of watercolour ink strategically embedded into my designs encourages them to be compositionally complimentary to my canvas, which accentuates the human form to create a piece of art that is not only symbolic to my client, but is worn as an extension of their spirit; through an exploration of colour, movement and potency. I am elated and driven by the potentials of my current ongoing projects, I look forward to future concepts, that I have the honour of exploring.